L.BRIK | cafe



The theme of the restaurant L.BRIK opened in November 2016 on Puskinskyaya street is inspired by the “muse of Russian avant-garde” Lilya Brik. The huge windows of the restaurant overlook the monument to “the eternal Sun of Russian poetry” A. Pushkin, and the street where «L.BRIK CAFE» is located is the legendary bohemian haven of 70th-80th of XX c.

The shape and mood of the avant-garde era of the early XX c. are reflected here indirect, by some separate distinguish details. There are just a few of them, but they are very carefully selected and hand – picked.

L.BRIK is one-of-a-kind, there is author’s approach to everything from cooking to the interior decoration or music played in the restaurant. There are a bit more than 50 seats in the restaurant, which makes the atmosphere even more intimate, cozy, and somewhat home-like in the best sense of this word.

The restaurant has an exceptional location. It is just 5-7 minute walk from the Moscovsky railway station and shopping center «Gallery», and just a couple of minutes walk from Nevsky Prospect, which is extremely attractive for guests.

L.BRIK — is not only an invitation to the table, this is an invitation to a cozy postmodernity, where, having reconsidered the traditions of Russian cuisine, the chef speaks modern culinary language to the guests.

To serve delicious food and make our guests comfortable is still of major importance for us. This is the main and fundamental concept of the “Chekhov and Co” restaurant group. We have tried to globally reconsider the traditional Russian cuisine by changing the approach to its preparation. Our young and ambitious chef skillfully blends the richest, carefully collected heritage of Russian professional cooks and housewives with elegance of contemporary techniques in gastronomy. Coupled with the indisputable talent, exquisite instinct and boundless fantasy it helps to achieve truly impressive results. Recognizing and paying tribute to the traditions and values of Russian cuisine, the chef gives his dishes new inspiring tunes.
Obviously tastes preferences is a sensitive matter, very intimate and controversial element. To please each and everyone is extremely difficult task. However the enthusiastic reviews by most of our guests show that a lunch or dinner at the L.Brik bring them new gastronomic sensations without making them put aside their tastes preferences and letting them feel at home in our restaurant.